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How Can I Improve My Brand?

Improving your brand can be steadily achieved in small strategic steps and you don’t always have to spend a lot of money upfront to do so. If you take into account that your brand is more than a logo; more than the business name, then you will begin to understand what steps to take.

The first step is to take a look at the image of your business. Does it convey the correct message that you want to send to your customers. After all, your image and that of your staff, vehicles, offices and everything else that people see, is the physical embodiment of your brand that your customers see.

  1. The people

    Small changes to staff uniform, such as ensuring everybody who is customer facing is either dressed in a corporate way for meetings, welcoming staff etc. For those who have staff that visit customers or need a more flexible set of clothes for the nature of the work, ensure they are all wearing the correct uniform, and ensure it is clean, is the correct size, and has company branding on it. This is a small way in which we can let our customers know we take pride in how we look; pay attention to detail and create a friendly image that the customers can relate to and trust.

    Phil Jarvis Mercedes Vito Van Wrap Rear

  2. The vehicles

    If you use vehicles which visit customers quite often, or even if you don’t, but still travel a lot, this is a form of advertising. With this mobile source of advertising, it is important that you are again consistent with the image and brand of the business. Vehicles which look a little damaged, or have poor branding reflect badly on the business and gave the brand an unprofessional image which carries through to the business as a whole.

  3. Stationery

    If you are a business that hardly uses stationery, it is still important to pay attention here. Even if you only send one letter out per year, customers who see it will relate it to your level of success. So if you want to appear to be a professional capable business who have the ability to be carrying out work day in day out, it would be assumed that you would be sending out more than one letter and therefore need to pay more attention to detail. In short, a big business sending out poor stationery can look less professional than a small business sending out well designed, well thought out stationery.

To sum up, all of the issues addressed above are a representation of your brand, which bigger businesses need to address to demonstrate their level of success. So if that is where you aspire to be, and you have the skills to do so – then your brand is likely to make the difference.

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