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Social media is at the forefront of today’s internet marketing for a lot of companies, giving them the opportunity to reach a wider variety of people in a wider variety of platforms. You may wonder why getting your business onto Facebook would be beneficial when you see it as a place for the kids to chat. Depending on the business you might need to tap into that stream of online foot fall.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having access to a huge customer base, whom you can target advertisements based on demographics, the free use of the social media platforms are what is key to gaining the trust and brand loyalty of prospective customers. More and more people like to do research for products or services online, and it is seen as a negative sign if you have not paid attention to the social media platforms.

Squegg can handle all of the setting up of your social media accounts, provide social media strategy for use within online marketing campaigns, and can even run your social media for you. With a bit of planning, and plenty of effort, we can use social media to help to increase your digital foot print.

Providing relevant content, and providing interesting information, images, videos etc, is exactly what will increase your footprint, and in turn will help improve the amount of search results that your begin to appear within.

We could carry on writing about the benefits of social media, but we would much prefer you to get in touch to find out more.