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Excellent web design can mean the difference between success in business and failure. For a small business in the North East, a well tailored ecommerce web design can account for ten times its price in real world marketing and brand recognition. If you are based around the Middlesbrough or Stockton area, we will be able to pay you a visit to get you started.

At Squegg, we bring together our high profile web design services, which coupled with our highly focused and analytical approach to programming behind web design mean we’re second to none in the north east.

The web presence that we create for you is always built around the actual business, rather than simply creating what we think is best. Squegg collaborate with the client to find out what is actually needed from the website, and add in our specialist brand consultant services in order to ensure that you website can be more than a simple extension to your shop front.

For a small business, if the brand is right, you can show potential customers not only that you look like a larger company, but that you are on your way to being a larger company. That will be the key to your success moving forward. This can be said for the already large companies. Get your web design and development wrong, and it can have a negative impact on your brand.

Are Squegg the right team for you? Get in touch to find out.